Ford to sign latest book at library

October 18, 2023

The Boonesborough Chapter of the Daughters of the American

Revolution will host the introduction of an action-packed historical fiction

novel on the development of Fort Boonesborough through Madison County.

"The Incident at Otter Creek" may be purchased and signed by author Ed

Ford on Monday, Oct. 23, from 5-8 p.m. at the Madison County Public

Library in Richmond. The book is priced at $24.95 with proceeds used for

the support of the Boonesborough DAR chapter.

The novel tells the story of the Daniel Boone era beginning with a trek by

a young physician from Richmond’s Otter Creek to the Kentucky River

historical fort.

Dr. Wyatt Henderson, a young medical physician and a student of

Kentucky history, is thrust suddenly into a new and different world of the

past. It’s the year 2020 when Henderson is caught in a rainstorm and

inadvertently drives into the flooded waters of Otter Creek, a waterway that

leads to the pioneer territory of Fort Boonesborough.

His automobile is carried away by the turbulence, crashes into a grove of

trees and Henderson is thrown against the windshield and suffers a bloody

concussion. The water is rising inside the vehicle as he lapses into


He awakens inside a crude hut and is cared for by a beautiful young

woman and her father. Baffled by his strange surroundings, he soon learns

that he is now in another world – the 1770s.

As he recovers, Henderson finds he must adapt to a time that he has only

studied about – the period of frontiersman Daniel Boone, the continuing

struggle against the Shawnee Indians and America’s battle for independence.

Henderson and his Otter Creek benefactors and rescuers – Ally and Joel

Walker – travel along Boone Trace as they make their way to


The young doctor discovers he’s living a dream as he meets the Kentucky

pioneers he’s only known through books and research. And, to top it off, he

attends the court martial of his friend Boone, the historical legend who wins

his case against a charge of treason. And, he finds himself in love with Ally

Walker, the strong and independent woman who struggles with his

conception of being from another world. She wants a commitment, but

Henderson is not certain if his future is in the 18 th century or in the 21st.

In a surprise conclusion, Henderson and Ally Walker are thrust back into

the 21st century and a youngster discovers a remnant that somewhat explains

the mysteries of time travel.

The Incident At Otter Creek stems from an actual event during the

development of Hampton Ridge Subdivision in Richmond, Kentucky. Two

pioneer graves were uncovered that delayed construction of homes in an area

above Otter Creek. It was determined that the graves most likely were those

of migrants who were enroute to Fort Boonesborough.

phil malicote